Rabu, 30 Agustus 2017

Kids And Teens: The Activities They Want To Be Involved In

The things that kids and teens love to do are somehow different from the things that adult people do. This is basically because they see things and think differently as well. Although there are kids and teens that also love to do some serious and boring stuff like reading books and novels, you can never expect that others will also do. Those that are still in childhood and teenage stage love to get themselves involved in fun and colorful activities together with their friends.

Normally kids and teens love to play different types of games that suit their age. In this kind of activities, they will surely have fun and enjoy even if they are just playing very simple and easy games like bean bag toss or cornhole game. Aside from spending some time together with their families, they would also want to be with those who are of their age. This is because they easily get along with each other provided that they have the same things in mind and they are seeing things in a similar perspective. Although they are just playing, unconsciously, they are also developing their skills and personalities. They will learn to create plans, strategies and adjust on their environment. If parents let their children out and play with other children, growing up will not be very hard for them, compared to those that are forced to stay in their homes for whatever reasons. There is really nothing wrong with being a protective parent but it will also make a child very dependent. Thus, if given a chance, parents should let their children be children.

On the other hand, aside from outdoor and indoor playing games, most kids and teens would also love to cook and bake especially if its summer. If they will just stay at home doing the usual stuff that they do every single day, they will most likely get bored. So, to let them enjoy their summer, parents should enroll their children in different types of summer activities. As mentioned earlier, cooking and baking are just some of the most popular activities that kids and teens will surely want to be involved in. Mixing the colorful ingredients and decorating cakes/pastries will be very fun and interesting for them. But for those who are more into sports, swimming, badminton, basketball and other sports will be best for them. In this way, they will be able spend their time having fun and enjoying while making some new friends and learning new things even if school is over.

Parents undoubtedly know what is best for the children regardless if they are still kids, teens and even adults. However, there are some times wherein they also have to consider the thing that their children want to do. Parents should also listen to their children in order to make the relationship between them healthier and so that their children will not grow up as rebels. They should not the ones who are always talking; they should also learn to listen.

Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

Weight Loss For Kids and Teens and Weight Loss For Adults - Is There a Difference?

The basic concept of weight loss is simple. Eat more calories than you burn and you gain weight. Burn more calories than you eat and you lose weight. This can be called the caloric balance. Go to any personal trainer, dietitian or fitness expert; ask them about weight loss and they will talk to you about the caloric balance. It is, after all, vital that you have a negative calorie balance for weight loss to occur. This rule is universal and doesn't matter if you are an adult, a child or a teenager.

But is there a difference between the processes of weight loss for adults and weight loss for kids and teens? Do younger people need to do different things to adults in order to lose weight? The answer is yes and no.

Kids and teens, just like adults need to burn more calories than they eat if they are to lose weight. But there are some important factors that need to be taken into consideration for a kid or teenager to lose weight in an optimal and healthy manner.

Firstly, consider nutrition. Young people are still growing, therefore it becomes even more important that their bodies are not starved of calories. Fad diets are unhealthy for adults but fad diets are dangerous for kids and teenagers. Stunted growth and impaired hormone production are just two risk factors of extreme diets for kids and teenagers.

While weight loss may be the main goal, kids and teens still need to pay attention to providing their bodies with the necessary nutrients. These nutrients are required in different levels to adults. For example, a teenage boy needs more protein than a sedentary adult. A young female will require more calcium than an older male. The list goes on and it is important that all the nutritional requirements are met. It may be necessary for a young individual to have a weight loss coach, personal trainer or nutritionist to help them with this because it is very important that this aspect is covered. And when calories are restricted it may take the knowledge of a qualified weight loss coach to devise a plan where nutrient requirements are met while the negative calorie balance is maintained.

Then there is exercise. Some exercises that are great for adults may be dangerous for kids or teenagers. Their young bodies call for a more precise approach to exercise type, volume and intensity. A very young child should not be expected to endure long training sessions. They will burn out both mentally and physically. Even as the child goes into their teen years the risk of burnout from following a typical workout program designed for fully grown individuals remains high.

So while kids and teens still need to maintain a negative calorie balance, they have to lose weight in a different way to their parents would have to. Kids and teenagers need to lose weight in a way that still allows them to meet their nutritional needs and maintain overall health.

Rabu, 26 Juli 2017

Character Building Books For Kids And Teens

Growing up in modern times is hard, especially for today's generation. They are so much more socially and morally aware than our generation, and most certainly the generation before us. Kids are under so much more social pressure than parents today ever experienced during their lifetimes, and their enquiring minds ask difficult questions and face extraordinary challenges, and very often, with no access to any answers.

Modern social challenges

Technology and social media has changed the way young people interact and it has opened doors to worlds we, as parents and teachers, are all only still learning about. But just because fast paced environments are taking kids through a whirlwind of mature scenarios, doesn't necessarily mean they have had evolved to a level of emotional maturity that will assist them in dealing with tricky emotional and moral decisions.

Life skill and character building resources

Parents, kids and teachers need to have access to resources, such as kid's books, that will provide an avenue for kids of all ages, to be able to have some support and guidance through characters in books that role-play situations that kids themselves could find themselves in. Issues like bullies and peer pressure are as old as the hills, but with the added environmental changes, the load for kids and teens is huge. Kids are building their own characters, their own values and gaining a sense of personal accountability, and parents and teachers need to take an active role guiding them.

The benefits of Character Education

Character education resources such as those found in kids books, will help kids and teens relate to real-life scenarios and have the ability to safely navigate potential situations with the guidance and assistance from parents and the characters found in the kids' books. These books have been written by experienced professionals who have worked with kids and teens and have a unique understanding of the challenges our youth experience today.

Motivation exercises for kids and teens

Character education has the exclusive way of tapping into the minds of pre-teens and teens and is able to inspire and create confidence as they work through the resource material at home or in the classroom. This may even further encourage readers to take part in kids writing contest or two, where they will be able to put their real life experiences to paper, and have an opportunity to share their life and the choices they made with other kids their age, and gain some recognition, which in turn, builds confidence.

Common hurdles for kids and teens

Who am I? What do I believe in? Where am I going in my life? Questions like these and others can seem insurmountable for kids, as being in the biggest transition phases of their lives, kids and teens are going to need large doses of compassion, love, patience and guidance to get them safely through to the other side, and help them to practice the values and guidelines caregivers use, and learn how to use them effectively on the way.

Getting kids to open up

Kids and teens may find it difficult to sit down and discuss situations, especially with their own parents, who know nothing, of course, so that is why using resources such as kids books are a superb way to encourage important conversations and get young people to think, feel and start building their characters, before they find themselves in a scenario where they will need to use these skills. Giving kids the courage to overcome obstacles and believe in themselves, are powerful life skills for everyone.

Minggu, 09 Juli 2017

Writers For Kids and Teens Should Extend Moral Lessons

Writers have a real responsibility to spread certain values to their readers. This is especially the case if you write for kids and teens.

I have taken my responsibility of writing with an important message and moral very seriously. I love writing nonfictional articles and stories for children and teens. I think that teens can learn so much from reading material that offers that kind of guidance.

However, when you write for kids and teens, the message cannot be preachy or assertoric otherwise you will loose your readers altogether. Teens and tweens need material that is friendly yet leaves them thinking about how they can do better as human beings as they grow up.

But how do we inspire this in our readers? There are several ways that we could do this.

1. We must present a message that appeals to teens and what they can relate to. Teens must know that we care through what we write for them.

2. We must write to the teen as if the teen is our friend and we know what they are going through. Writing down to the teen won't ever work. Most times, the teen will never read our work again.

3. We must urge our readers to go beyond the ordinary and to strive to be the best that they can be. This need not be through didactic discourse as it is through encouragement.

4. We must write manuscripts that are inspirational to the teen. This will help the teen to believe that she can do whatever she puts her minds to.

5. If we can inspire teens to do and be their best through our writing, they will want to read our articles and books because they will make them feel so good about themselves and their lives.

6. Through our writing, we should try and inspire kids and teens to excel and to be questioning standards that are portrayed through the media and society so that they could do the best that they could to really make a difference in their lives.

7. Your writing should always make a kid or teen feel better about life and not worse. Kids are usually fundamentally happy by nature, so writing about material that is depressing won't really appeal to them.

So, determine the type of writer you want to be and the type of moral you want to portray through your writing. Once you determine what this is, you will have created your niche for your writing.

Senin, 03 Juli 2017

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Kamis, 29 Juni 2017

Kids and Teens Benefit to Outdoor Activities

Kids and teens are the age group wherein they easily get bored. They want adventures and activities that are more fun, exciting and interesting. Nowadays, most children prefer outdoor activities in school such as playing soccer and cheer dance than staying inside the classroom doing the writing, reading and solving math problems. They love to run and play outdoor games either individually or by team. Kids and teens today like to stay at home more often than going to the school. Children are very energetic when it comes to physical activities. They don't get tired so easily. Therefore, kids and teens are fitted to do the outdoor activity which is beneficial for them. It will not only bring fun to these children but can also improve their sociability to other family members and friends. Parents should encourage their children to participate in an outdoor activity to gain various benefits. Listed below are the following benefits of letting your kids join to several outdoor activities.

Firstly, the physical benefits of outdoor activities that will give you. Since children are energetic, they can endure every move that is required for a specific activity. If this activity entails lots of running, then kids and teens are the most appropriate age group that can do it. For example, playing basketball, it is a fun and exciting sport game for male teens as well as to male kids. You can't finish the game without sweating and stretching all your muscles. Through this, you are already giving your body a good exercise. As we all know, exercise is recommended for us by doctors to remain healthy and active that promotes good circulation and oxygenation to our body. If your child is bit younger like 5 years old, outdoor activity will help him develop good sensory and motor skills. It will help them develop a stronger muscles and bones. They will not only enjoy the activity but they could also bring the best physical condition to their bodies.

Secondly, outdoor activity is helpful to the development of mental capacity of kids and teens. Learning is also possible outside the classroom. It doesn't only occur inside the house or at the classroom. There are so many things to explore outside the house too. It is good for kids to let them experience the beauty of the nature. Kids often ask what those things are because they are curious about it. Therefore, if they are brought outside wherein more things can be seen, they will ask more which will surely contribute to their learning. For teens, outdoor activity will save them from boredom. As we all know, a brain that is stagnant due to boredom will not bring any development to the brain. So keep your teens' brain active. Get them involved to activities that will enhance their cognition. Do not restrict or limit their activities inside the house because there are so many things to learn outside too.

Finally, kids and teens sense of camaraderie will develop. It is a benefit that will always be present in outdoor activities. You cannot enjoy playing outside alone. It is best to play in pairs or in groups. Of course, if you have team members, there is cooperation, communication and socialization within the team just like in basketball, baseball, and many more.

Selasa, 06 Juni 2017

Millionaire Kids? New Ways Kids and Teens Are Earning Sizeable Income

The sluggish economy is affecting just about everyone, especially kids. These days kids want and need everything from fashionable clothes to iPods to evenings at the movies.

As any parent will tell you, none of this stuff is cheap. And with adult paychecks having to stretch further and further, any income kids and teens can bring in is much appreciated.

But the days of lemonade stands and mowing the occasional lawn may be in the past. Today kids of all ages are pulling in sizeable incomes working in the small businesses they own.

Thirteen year-old business owners? You bet. Kids, teens, and "tweens" are running everything from service businesses, to ingenious product retail operations, to online mail order extravaganzas.

Most of these businesses are cheap to start. Kids and/or their parents don't have to shuck out a small bank account to get the new business started.

Keller was just a fourth grader, but he quickly found a way to earn $50 or more per week. His mother took him to a store where he could purchased candy wholesale. Then Keller resold the candy to other kids after school.

School administrators were fine with the little guy's entrepreneurial spirit and the kids absolutely loved the opportunity to purchase their favorite sweets, often at a discount over local stores. After expenses, the 4th grader cleared $15 to $20 per day.

Nelda, a high school junior, knew she had a smart business idea when she overheard a restaurant owner complaining about all the customers who wanted home delivery. "The owner didn't have the time to deliver orders to people, so I offered to do it for her. Now I deliver meals to people all over town. My delivery business takes just two hours each afternoon and earns me several hundred dollars each week," she said.

Meanwhile, Markus, a 13 year-old 7th grader, is earning an impressive income offering closeout items on eBay. Markus gets the items from his uncle's store, then sells them on eBay and keeps a large percentage of the profit for himself. The store owner is happy to see items move and Markus is able to save about $700 per month for college.

These are just a few examples of the many solid, doable business ideas for kids. There are literally dozens of proven ideas that are being used by kids of all ages to earn anywhere from pocket change to an adult-sized income.

And this is perhaps the most important time in decades for kids to learn how to run their own businesses. Even a very small part-time venture can teach a child the vitally important aspects of being an entrepreneur.

In this day and age when jobs are getting harder and harder to come by, knowing how to start and operate your own business that makes good money is a skill to last a lifetime.

Of course, kid-approved businesses can be run part-time, leaving youth plenty of time to be kids. When a young person's idle time is filled with an interesting business that gives them the money they need, tasks like homework and household chores are easier to schedule in a disciplined way.

Also, most families simply need more income. If a child can bring home the cash they need to pay for items they want, then everyone in the family benefits from the additional cash flow.

It's an old-fashioned value that is suddenly more vital today than ever.